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Between the two of us there’s a lot of ideas, passion for what we do and needless to say more than enough hair. What we bring to our work shows up in the styling and lighting that make us unique in this industry. We believe that lighting is what you make it, not just what’s given to you by the sun. That’s why our commercial photography background allows us to get creative and bring to life the unique story and vision of each of our couples much like a big budget photo shoot for a fashion magazine.

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Murphy’s Law says something will go wrong at your wedding but we have seen it all and whatever happens there will be amazing photos. We have done this hundreds of times and realize there are no naturals, only practiced and unpracticed. That's why we have an array of style guides, resources and tips to hold your hand through the process. We believe everyone is photogenic if they are given the right tools.

"It's funky, unique without apology, romantic at heart and just a little over the top...just like you."

We believe in love and we believe in marriage. We believe photography is the single most important part of your wedding day after your vows. When the champagne is gone and the cake is eaten the only thing you will have are your photos. We accept the pressure of this opportunity joyfully and have perfected our craft to capture your big day stylishly no matter what happens. Anyone can take a nice photo on a sunny day in April but can they take one in a dark reception hall or a rainy day?



Some things in life you only do once, so go ahead, make the most of it and don't look back.

Words matter. Use them to build up those around you and never be afraid to tell people how much you love them.

Family...I love my kids so much sometimes I wish I'd started having them when I was 16...the more the merrier!

After our first date I ended it with the girls I was casually dating by calling to let them know I'd met the girl I was going to marry. 

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This started as a one-woman operation almost 20 years ago, but has since grown into a small, but dedicated team. And that's where the magic in our secret sauce lays. We're all committed to doing everything we can to make each bride's experience as amazing as we can. Planning a wedding can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming, but when you work with us the photography portion will be fun and effortless. We're here to make this the most memorable time of your lives. 

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this is us:

Alisha oversees our social media which is a big job in and of itself, but also handles so many other things behind the scenes, from making sure our brides have everything they need and emails aren't falling into the abyss. When we do put on styled shoots she's often times shopping for the looks we're featuring to coordinating logistics. She keeps everything organized so every client's job goes off without a hitch.  

social media and
Studio management maven


this is:

She culls and curates the weddings, handles Photoshop retouching, designs our albums and makes sure that everything we deliver meets the Brio Photography standard for excellence.  

photo editor and
post production queen


this is:

- coco chanel

when in doubt, buy the shoes.

our motto:

I try to remember to celebrate the small things in life and what better way to celebrate than popping open a bottle of champagne. Doesn't have to be fancy, just bubbly. 



If it's loaded with crime, espionage and especially girl power I'm going to be hooked. It's kind of embarrassing. 



You know how the saying goes and yes, "I hated it when I was a kid", but I've grown to love it. I'll never be caught without a pillow and my kids love it too. 



I'm sure this is why God gave us so many fingers and just as many toes. Whether they're bejeweled or thrift store finds, they're all my children. 


02. love my

It's relaxing, invigorating and helps me stay in shape. My husband fully supports it because he realizes I'm a nicer person after I spend an hour on my mat lol. 





a few of my

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